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Dining At Orlando

  Food is what makes us get up and go. And how can we enjoy the seemingly endless park trips and nature escapades in Orlando if we do not get enough food to get us going. In Orlando, its not just about theme parks and beautiful attractions, they also have a wide array of dining places where you can find different dishes all served at their best. Of the many dining options that the place offers, every meal is surely a festive one.

The Finest Places To Dine In Disney

If you think Disney is all about the child stuff, wait till you get a good taste of the wide variety of excellent cuisine that the park offers. It hosts a huge selection of dining choices and among these dining destinations these are the finest ones where you should be treating yourself once you get there are:


For guests who want a semi-formal dinner and one that is away from the hustle and bustle of theme parks, this place is definitely a great choice for dining. Located at the Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort, its specialty is Floridian-Mediterranean cuisine made out of market fresh ingredients.

But before you get to taste their scrumptious dishes, you have to be in business casual attire since they have a dress code there.


Another worth trying restaurant is the Boma situated at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. They serve the best buffet selection in the park. And this is probably the best option for the adventurous type since they also cater exotic dishes of Africa apart from the variety of American dishes that they serve.

Arthur’s 27

Want to have the best view of Walt Disney World? Then this dining place is the one for you. Perched atop Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa, this restaurant is well-known for the delectable seafood dishes that they offer to their customers. It is probably one of the most beautiful and romantic dining spots within the Disney World area.

Shula’s Steakhouse

Home to the famous New York strip steaks in the vicinity, Shula’s is one big hit to many tourists as well as locals having a holiday in Disney World. With their wide selection of lamb, poultry and seafood cuisine, it will truly be a feast dining here!

Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

If it’s your birthday, anniversary or simply enjoying a good vacation in Orlando, dining at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Resort is surely one good way to spoil yourself with. A good place for celebrations, this restaurant offers a wide array of fine tasting cuisine.

Making Reservations

One important thing to remember if you want to enjoy the many dining places when visiting Disney World is to make dining reservations in advance. That is one big mistake that many visitors make which results to an hour or so of waiting for the table at their preferred dining spots.

The recommended time usually takes a month in advance to place your reservations. However, when planning to visit Orlando at peak seasons, you should try making the reservation at least two months in advance.

By making such reservations, dining matters will no longer be an issue and you will be able to enjoy the finest cuisine in your favorite restaurants.


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